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Food, music, life!

About us

Family-owned since the 1920s,we proudly continue the tradition.

Since then, the pair's goal has become even more ambitious: They now present signature cuisine from across the globe in their freshly renovated landmark site in the heart of downtown Libertyville. ​Maria, a culinary chef previously affiliated with Spiaggia, said, "With the Goose, we were out in the in the cornfields of the far northwestern suburbs, which was the perfect setting for what we were trying to do."​ "Our goal with The Wild Goose was to make it a true American restaurant," added Dan. "And that gave us enormous room for diversity--because what is classic American cuisine, if not diverse?"

A Worldwide Quest For Authenticity In January of 2012, Dan and Maria came a step closer to realizing their dream by purchasing the much-beloved Henry Yee's Chinese Restaurant, long a mainstay of Libertyville's restaurant scene.

The iconic building has been a family-owned restaurant since the 1920s, and the couple reassured the community that its legacy and history wouldn't be forgotten. As an homage to its previous owner, ​the Green Room offers several of Yee's most popular dishes. M​aria even received instruction from Henry Yee himself in preparing his specialties.​

​Following extensive renovation in 2012, the Green Room reopened as an lively, homelike "world bistro." The menu blends comfort food from numerous cultures with haute cuisine. The couple has a genius for choosing creative, hand-selected ingredients, and presenting thoughtful pairings of food with wine and other beverages. Every serving reflects craftsmanship and attention.

In addition to the pair's unique culinary approach, the music that subtly permeates the eatery makes the Green Room stand out. Dan spins vinyl favorites six days a week, with customers and staff selecting the playlist.

​"We are a family place, rooted in the local community, said Dan. "We hope to introduce our customers to new interpretations of familiar fare, along with dishes that bring the world to their table.

The Green Room of Libertyville draws on culinary traditions from around the world. Award-winning cocktails, craft beers, select wines and sakes are skillfully paired with each dish.